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Henrique Oliveira

Congratulations, Arizona!

Art is just another form of screaming


Takuro Kuwata



Maude White

I’m. Not. Worthy.


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Elana Adler

You Are My Duchess

Brooklyn-based artist Elana Adler uses the traditional craft of an embroidery sampler to outline the crude things said to her by street harassers. The series is titled You Are My Duchess, and features small, decorative pieces of needlework (which historically feature bible stories or other imagery) that say some negative, disgusting things. Adler stores each saying in an elaborate frame, and writes in her artist statement:

This series of thirty-two (plus) samplers is intended to be provocative and evoke emotion. It is a contemporary feminist interpretation of women’s work and an objectification of my personal experience. Each captures a moment, giving these words a visual presence, a power, and a state of concreteness. These words were hurled casually and heard quickly but required hours of time-consuming, careful stitching.
The physically delicate, traditionally feminine, form of the piece engages the viewer and confronts him/ her with a sweetness that may mask its crassness and vulgarity.


Luigi Ghirri


Jordi Huisman - Rear Window (2010)

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Allison Sommers


Urszula Tekieli

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Artist & Illustrator:
James Jean
Ballpoint Pen on Paper
10” x 9”


Leonardo Drew


Artist & Photographer:

Raffaello De Vito



"Nel precedente lavoro "APPARTENENZE"
l’intento è documentare l’evidente.
Una registrazione visiva e oggettiva,
priva di ogni interpretazione,
di persone che condividono un territorio, un luogo.
Credo che la fotografia debba essere poesia
e che la poesia debba suggerire il mistero.
Molte sono le definizioni di mistero e tutte hanno a che vedere
con la nozione del nascosto, del segreto.
Per Heidegger il mistero è inerente all’essenza della verità.
In questo lavoro “APPARATI”
dove la rappresentazione oggettiva di organi
(lingua, cuore, occhi….)
 è palese, anziché limitarsi a rivelare ciò che in natura
è nascosto, ne evoca il mistero,
Il mistero dell’ordinario che pone nuovi interrogativi.”
"In my previous work "APPARTENENZE" 
my intent was documenting obviousness. 
A visual and objective entry, 
devoid of any interpretation, 
of people who share an habitat, a place. 
I believe that photography should be poetry 
and that poetry should suggest mystery. 
There are many explanations of mystery and they all have to do
with the concept of hidden, of secret. 
According to Heidegger, mystery is about truth’s essence. 
In this work “APPARATI” 
where the objective representation of organs 
(tongue, heart, eyes…) 
  is clear, rather than merely revealing what in nature 
is hidden, it evokes mystery, 
the mystery of the ordinary that raises new questions.”

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Michael Reafsnyder